In-Tuition Learning and Development Ltd.
Student:Ronah Corcoran
Date:January 13, 2014

Amara Holistic Wellbeing

Amara Holistic Wellbeing is a site created by Ronah Corcoran in November 2012. It is about well-being ,relaxation and holistic therapies for adults and children. The site offers general information but also lists therapies and relaxation classes on offer. The traffic has increased over the past 12 months and between 50-120 people visit the site daily.It has decreased in visitors in October/November 2013 and i am not sure of why that is. The Alexa ranking in November stands around 600,000 but had been as low as 350,000 over the Summer.
The plan for the future is to add more content to existing pages,adding new pages on distance healing,the law of attraction, attracting abundance,health and love and a page advertising mobile massage/relaxation for businesses.I would also like to re-evaluate affiliation pages as they are not providing any revenue after 12 months. I also want to understand the Sitesell GAP calculations which i do not fully understand.