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Online Trading Vouchers from your Local Enterprise Office

Local Enterprise Offices Offering Online Trading Vouchers

There’s now more than ever been a greater demand on retailers to provide a means for their customers to purchase their products online. With recent figures showing that 70% of all online purchases were made in overseas markets the Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Res
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What not to do when posting on social media

The 3 Cardinal Sins of Posting on Social Media

Why did no one like that? Why are there no comments? Why are people leaving? If you’ve asked yourself one or all of these questions after posting on social media, then you may be guilty of some of the following sins. People typically follow you for two very simple reasons: 1. to
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Improve your business with social media

Improve Your Business by Harnessing Social Media

If you are a new start up or existing SME owner, you are probably working with both a limited budget and resources. The most likely scenario is that you have become an efficient multi-tasker and you are trying to cut costs doing everything yourself to improve your business. The good n
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Pinterest ideas for Business Course

Pinterest Ideas for Business / One Day Workshop / 28 March

When it comes to businesses using social media, Facebook appears to be the first choice, but actually, Pinterest is where the spending happens. A comparison of Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn indicates that Pinterest users purchase the most items, according to Start Ranking Now, an S
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Social Media

3 Tips For Using Social Media

Social Media is an essential tool for online business – but it needs to be managed carefully. Here are some ground rules: 1 Be very clear about your customer profile, so you can identify which social media platforms they are likely to engage with.  For example, if you have a ret
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What is a hastag?

What is a hashtag and how can I use it?

Hashtags are commonly used in Twitter to start and track conversations amongst twitter followers. They are composed of a single word or phrase beginning with “#” and with no spaces or punctuation. They can be placed anywhere in a tweet. For example, if you created a tweet
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