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Build a business, not just a website
In-Tuition offer Build An Online Business Classes for individuals and small business owners who want to start or develop a web-based business.
Benefit from our hands-on professional training
if you commit to the programme, you will have a fledgling online business at the end of 10 weeks.
FETAC approved
Our online business classes take you from absolute beginner to online business entrepreneur.

If you can send email, you can do this internet marketing course.

online business classes

These online business classes will bring you from beginner to entrepreneur!

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The course is about building a business - not just a website.

A website is only one of the tools you will learn how to use in our Build An Online Business classes. Everything is included:
  • Individual Attention from Certified Instructors
  • Small Group Learning Environment with Like Minded People who will Help and Encourage You
  • Conduct Your Online Market Research in Class, with Professional Help and Advice
  • Find Profitable Ideas Before You Build
  • Understand What Your Customers are Really Looking For
  • Build Your Own Website Using Easy Tools That Require No Technical Skills
  • Create Content that Attracts Visitors (Website "Traffic")
  • Learn How to Sell Your Products and Services Online, and Offline
  • Start Social Media Marketing - So Your Customers Can Share "Word Of Mouth" Recommendations
  • FETAC approved

What you get when you join one of our Build an Online Business classes:

  • A full year of access to all the tools you need - no hidden fees for "extras"
  • State of the Art classroom with New Computers and High Speed Internet
  • One tutor and small class size - for maximum support
  • Individual free coaching sessions between classes if extra help is required
  • Hotline support by phone and email
  • Brainstorm Tool for Online Market Research - Keyword Research and Profitable Niche Finder
  • "No Tech Skills Required" Website Builder - to Create Your Search Engine Optimised Website
  • Domain Name and High Speed Reliable Website Hosting for a full year - (You need this for your website)
  • Email Autoresponder for Building a List of Leads and following up with your customers
  • Built in "Blogging", "Search Engine Optimisation", Website Analytics
  • Access to Online Video Training and Documentation for each step of the Process
  • Online Forum with Thousands of Entrepreneurs Worldwide who are using the same business blueprint and tools
  • Continuously Improved and Updated Tools and Services
  • eBooks covering every aspect of Online Entrepreneurship

Day by day breakdown of Build an Online Business Classes

  • Day 1: Master the Basics of the Online Business Building Process

    • The process - Creating Content -> Getting Website Visitors -> Pre-selling -> Profit
    • Selling versus Pre-selling
    • 6 Big Mistakes to Avoid
  • Day 2: Develop Potential Website Concepts

    • Online Market Research
    • Brainstorm Tool
    • Keywords
    • Supply and Demand
    • Analysing Potential Profitability
  • Day 3: Select and Develop Your Best (Most Likely to be Profitable)

    • Website Concept
    • Choose Your Website Concept
    • Design Content Blueprint
    • Arrange 3 Tier Website Structure
  • Day 4: Investigate and Plan Monetization Options

    • Profit Diversification
    • Understand Traffic/Profit relationship
    • Evaluate and proceed if business idea has profit potential
  • Day 5: Refine Website Concept and Register Your Online Business Domain Name

    • List potential Domain Names
    • Check for Trade Marks and availability
  • Day 6: Start Building Your Website

    • Select Design
    • Build Your Home Page
    • 3 Tier Structure
  • Day 7: Attract Visitors

    • Build Content
    • How to Get Visitors from Other People’s Websites
    • Social Media Marketing
  • Day 8: Build Relationships

    • Trust and Credibility
    • Set up an emailing list to nurture your relationship with your visitors and customers
  • Day 9: Understand Your Website Visitors

    • Add website analytics to learn what your visitors want
    • Learn how to monitor and improve your stats
  • Day 10: Profit and Review

    • Review ways to profit from your website
    • Review and stress-test your online business strategy
    • Set short-term and long-term goals for making progress

What you risk by not doing this course..

  • Wasting time and money on distractions that will not build your business.
  • Setting up a business service or product that is not in demand - and doomed to failure.
  • Confusing, conflicting information overload from online "guru's" - who make a living out of selling the latest fad.
  • A website that just doesn't work for attracting customers (maybe you have one of these already)
  • Spending €1,000's on a website that you cannot update or change without spending more, and waiting more...
  • Months of Your Time - it can take months to find the right web designer, get a website built and add content. Time is your most limited and irreplaceable resource. Remember, you cannot "save" time - you can only spend it. Spend yours wisely.