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Managing Learning in Your Business

I was talking to the owner of a successful IT business recently.

In response to the current recessionary climate, he had introduced cutbacks in every department – except learning and development. He realised that the secret to survival was a highly skilled, motivated workforce who could respond quickly to customer needs.

Yet in many businesses, learning and development is the FIRST budget to be cut. Why? Because theywaste money on training.

Complete this Assessment Checklist to get you thinking about learning and development in your business.

Here are some examples of how In-Tuition can help you to get the maximum value from your investment:

Develop a Learning Strategy

Where do you see your business in 3 years time? What will you need from your employees to help you reach your targets? What skills will they need? We help you look at these questions – and more – in a structured, systematic fashion.

Achieve your goals through proactive learning and development. Click here for more details on our proven approach.

Managing Learning and Development

If you lack the time and resources to manage your learning activity effectively, we can help either on an outsource or project basis. For example, we can provide you with a database to plan, monitor and record training – and keep auditors happy.

We can advise you on the best approach to raise productivity levels and save money through training.

And we can help your in-house experts to pass on their knowledge and skills in a professional manner.

Learning Design

We design customised programmes for clients e.g. on orientation, product knowledge or job skills. These packages are tailored to suit your needs and provide comprehensive materials that can be used, and re-used, by your in-house trainers.

Need help with a once-off important presentation or seminar? we can help you with that, too.

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