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Improve your business with social media

Does Your Business Have A Digital Team?

  80% of Irish adults are now regularly accessing the internet and the number engaging on social media continues to grow. Yet this does not translate into digital skills that can be employed in the workplace. Results from a recent ISkills Survey indicate that there is a skills an
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Online Trading Vouchers from your Local Enterprise Office

Local Enterprise Offices Offering Online Trading Vouchers

There’s now more than ever been a greater demand on retailers to provide a means for their customers to purchase their products online. With recent figures showing that 70% of all online purchases were made in overseas markets the Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Res
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Curating good digital content

Your Digital Content Deserves Your Full Attention

“Your digital content needs to be enticing, engaging, fun, enjoyable etc…. etc…..” If you’re engaged in online marketing you are probably aware that your digital content needs to be all of these and more. Here are some tips to help you become the curator of some great digital content
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An Explanation of The HeartBleed Bug

From Heartbleed to Heartbeat | What is Open SSL and How Do I Stay Safe on the Internet?

The question “How safe is our information on the Internet?” is being asked as a result of the recent Heartbleed incident. There is a lot of information out there and enough technical jargon to make a seasoned pro’s head spin! But for the regular internet user what is it and what do yo
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What not to do when posting on social media

The 3 Cardinal Sins of Posting on Social Media

Why did no one like that? Why are there no comments? Why are people leaving? If you’ve asked yourself one or all of these questions after posting on social media, then you may be guilty of some of the following sins. People typically follow you for two very simple reasons: 1. to
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Make videos online for your business

Make Videos Online Today | Here’s Why You Should!

So Why Make Videos Online? An increasing number of Marketers are choosing to make videos online because it is by far the most appealing and fastest growing of any marketing medium used. A viral video is described as “a video that becomes popular through the process of (most often) Int
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Improve your business with social media

Improve Your Business by Harnessing Social Media

If you are a new start up or existing SME owner, you are probably working with both a limited budget and resources. The most likely scenario is that you have become an efficient multi-tasker and you are trying to cut costs doing everything yourself to improve your business. The good n
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Email Marketing Course

Email Marketing Workshop 14 Mar

Introduction to Email Marketing This one day email marketing workshop will get you started using this valuable online business building strategy. You will get practice with some proven  email marketing tools and discover how to get results for your online business with email marketing
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Pinterest ideas for Business Course

Pinterest Ideas for Business / One Day Workshop / 28 March

When it comes to businesses using social media, Facebook appears to be the first choice, but actually, Pinterest is where the spending happens. A comparison of Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn indicates that Pinterest users purchase the most items, according to Start Ranking Now, an S
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Press Shot for Digital Marketing Awards

Online Marketing Awards with OMiG – April 22

The not-for-profit organisation, Online Marketing in Galway, is hosting Galway’s first ever Online Marketing Awards on April 22nd at the Town Hall Theatre. Originally the awards were the brain child of the author of “The Binman’s Guide to Selling” Oisin Browne, OMiG&
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