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Student Testimonial

  • regina-headshotSuch a great course with so many helpful and insightful people who genuinely care about helping people and small businesses. I got so much great advice and practical hands-on experience.
    Regina Finan,
  • housamz-07-07-2014A great place to be, with very professional instructors. It is a great opportunity to be here and get new info about business.

    Housam Zayyad,
  • Kerry Weddings LogoI completed the "Get Your Business Online" course last year with In-Tuition and I was very satisfied with the course and the results it brought me in my business. I was surprised at how focused the course made me. The tutors were enthusiastic, highly experienced and current. I found the course concise and interesting and tailored to my business needs. I really can attribute my business success to the course content. It was a huge learning curve, but the tutors guided em every step of the way. Without it I certainly would not be number 1 on Google for my main key word - and I certainly would not know what that even means was it not for the technical knowledge I acquired along the way with In0Tuition. I cannot recommend the training facility In-Tuition highly enough. If it comes to your area, and you need to launch a new business, do the course. Ciara O'Donnell Photography, Tralee, Co. Kerry.

    Ciara O'Donnell,
  • Ales Jevtic from Raw-Vines.comI love wine and travelling and wanted to build a business around that. 10 weeks course ‘Build a Business Online’, gave me the skills I needed to build a website, where I share my wine passion with everyone Worldwide. At the moment if you Google ‘Wine Varietals’, ‘Wine Tour’ or ‘Wine Education’ and if you are located in Ireland, my website appears on the first Page.

    Traffic is constantly growing and I get visitors from all over the World. The tutors Ann, Anna, Robin and Darragh were great and very helpful, the content was fun and challenging and on the end I ended up with own website and new friends. Strongly recommended. Ales Jevtic.

    Ales Jevtic,
  • Aidan Flood TestimonialI recently completed the 'Build Your Business Online' course at In-Tuition Galway. I found the course very structured and extremely well driven. Ann, Anna, Robin & Darren were continually inspiring and encouraging when it came to my own and other people's new ideas within the class. The course covered the highly significant requirements in building a website in a very concise manner.

    Each week the course material was presented with a strong sense of enthusiasm which made it really enjoyable. The course itself was of huge benefit to me on a professional level. It has allowed me tobuild my own website giving me a strong insight and methodical approach. In essence the course has provided me with the necessary focus and ambition to develop my own business. I will be recommending In-Tuition to people long into the future.  
    Aidan Flood,
  • Mary Morgan from PracticalCancerAwerness.comIn autumn 2012, I enrolled on the ‘Build an On-Line Business’ course.  Initially I was hesitant.  It meant doing a six hour round trip with a stopover every week for the next ten weeks.The course was worth every kilometre! The tutors, Ann, Anna and Robin each wove in their own unique areas of expertise, explaining every aspect of building an effective website.

    By the end of the course, I had my own ‘fledgling’ website as they call it, together with the resources and confidence to develop it into a thriving on-line business at my own pace from there on. One of those resources is a unique ‘brainstorming’ tool.  First, it enables you to conduct high level analysis to find the best theme for your website.  It then helps you discover the most in-demand, theme-related topics for each of your pages. With the help of this tool one of my pages, ‘Powerful Cancer Prevention Strategies . . . ’ currently hovers between the 1st and 7th position out of approximately 3.5 million Google search results, often outranking international heavyweights such as ‘World Health Organization (WHO), and Mayo Clinic for that topic. Among many other skills, you also learn how to create links to help visitors find their way around your site, how to load photos, and also how to add Social Media buttons. I heartily recommend this course.  Almost a year on, I’m still in awe of the technology and what you can so easily achieve with it.  
    Mary Morgan,
  • Natalia Krause

    I am so happy I could participate in a Build an Online Business course as it has been an amazing time filled not only with practical tools but also with inspirational tasks, conversations and insights. The classes were organized and delivered in a professional way by Ann & Anna, experienced business women with passion.

    There was enough time for personal consultations as well so I could make sure I was heading in a good direction with my ideas. I would highly recommend this course for anybody who is seriously thinking about creating their own business website and those who are still trying to work out their way around social media, generating traffic, SEO, keywords and finding their ideal audience. Natalia Krause
    Natalia Krause,
  • Ronah corcoran The Build an Online Business course is one of the best courses I have ever attended!I did not think I would be able to create a website as my computer skills were very limited to say the least. Ann and Anna are great teachers and I would recommend this course to anyone with an idea for a website business!! Thanks again. All the Best, Ronah.
    Ronah Corcoran,
  • I had thought I didn't have enough time to give to setting up my own website, but Ann and Anna made it so easy to understand and I was able to get results quickly. Within 2 months of finishing the course I had a website which I was happy to have people visit with enough content to make it appealing to search engines etc. I really enjoyed the interaction with the other students and how free they were with giving advice and ideas. I got a clearer understanding on how I wanted my own offline business to develop on and off line, it made me focus on where I wanted to go and the image I wanted to portray. Would you recommend it? I would and have highly recommended this course to others. As the course is only 1 day a week it is relatively easy to fit into busy schedules. The FETAC accreditation project was a good revision tool and focused on the understanding of what we had just learnt.
    Laura O'Rourke,
  • I was quite apprehensive starting the course as I did not believe my idea for a website to be a very good one. After only a few hours in class, I was feeling so positive and hopeful for my business venture. The tutors are encouraging and so easily approachable which made the world of difference. I learned so much in the 10 weeks and left feeling confident that I had all the tools and knowledge I needed to carry on by myself. The course enabled me to set up my own site and implement all the tools I need to get it online and on the way to success. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is trying to get a business online and are stuck as to what direction to take. The classroom atmosphere is friendly and interactive and I have met some great people here whom I hope to keep in touch with.
    Sarah Cohen,
  • I had some reservations about the course, because my IT skills were not that good and I thought I would find the course too difficult. However, this was not an issue, as the course content and structure was very user friendly enabling me to complete the course with confidence. I particularly liked the research phase of the course which helped me to understand the potential of my business idea, as well as the excitement of building the site and seeing my ideas take shape. The tuition on the course was first class, with all the tutors displaying great skill and patience in guiding us through the process. I would highly recommended the course, particularly if you feel you are struggling to make your business a success. Completing the course has allowed me to transform my business --- and life. It was a great experience!
    Peter Kilbane,
  • I did not have any previous experience with designing a website and thought this would work against me. The tutors on the course provided expert advice which was easy to follow and put into practice. The SBI on-line training provided easy to follow instructions. In addition, due to the weekly classes I had enough time to become familiar with the content. There was good class interaction which assisted us in providing feedback regarding each other's websites. This also provided us with the option to brainstorm and problem solve. It was a great course for anyone of any skill level or background and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to design a website and learn about internet marketing at the same time. There was a follow up 'one day' provided, which was really useful as it gave us, the attendees some time to work on our websites and subsequently gave us a chance to get feedback on changes made.
    Mairead Killian
  • As I've always had a 'slow learner' view about myself, I was reluctant about doing this course. The In-Tuition team put me very much at ease, which made me more confident and relaxed, and as a result I learned much faster and easier. I never would have thought at the start that I would come away with a FETAC Certificate for Internet Marketing. The team, Ann, Anna & Robin were very patient and understanding, and not once did I feel like I was asking too many questions, or asking for clarification regarding a point that had already been explained. I would recommend this course to just about anyone really, particularly someone who may be considering changing careers. As we live in the I.T. age, this Digital Marketing Skill could be the answer. I just want to say a big Thank You to Ann, Anna & Robin. You've opened up a whole new set of career opportunities for me.
    James Caufield
  • The fact that Build an Online Business was funded was a big attraction and it seemed to offer what I was looking for! I felt like I had support and fresh enthusiasm for my interests. The small numbers and nurturing aspect were what I particularly appreciated. Ann is very patient, flexible and calm so I felt she enabled me to sustain my focus on this somewhat technical subject. I would recommend it particularly if you are self employed.Ann was full of little networking tips that gave me more hope that eventually the site will be busy and lucrative.
    Jackie Queally

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